Kept us updated on our area and what was going on in our market

There are many good things I could say about you as a friend and an agent, it is hard to narrow it down. Some of the many things that you helped us with through our experience of listing a house with you was as follows. * Your attention to detail on listing our house on MLS with the proper information was very relieving. I have had problems with previous agents in the past with this and did not have to worry with you, due to the thorough research you did before listing the home. * The staging you did to our home was outstanding, words cannot explain how much I feel that helped the sale of our home. * The persistence and the continuous market updates, market analysis charts and graphs you sent us via email, kept us updated on our area and what was going on in our market. Which helped us better understand the changes we made to keep ahead of the competition. Thank you Darlene for all your help, it was a wonderful experience to have you as an agent to represent us. There will be no question in the future, who we will be using for our future home sales or purchases.